“Think Tank”

by Kevin Boulton

When building the world around you in 3D more often than not crazy sparks of creativity take on a mind of their own. The colour and feel behind this came from watching the inspirational film "Tron" and the very futurist impression left on the eye.

Let's set the scene...

Triad "Dot" is flung into a foggy futuristic environment designed to focus the attention on the "Think Tank" machine with a little depth of field and lighting.

Drifting down into place he becomes seamlessly magnetized to his work station in which the creativity begins to spark off the reaction.

The glow from the lights becomes more intense and the power starts to flow around the spinning mechanical parts. At this time a link is made to the previous video created by Triad of a watch animation which is later displayed at the work station screens.

The camera pans along side the machine revealing the works "Triad 2011" in a glowing aqua neon burst. Captured within the glass bubble the ideas are then opened up and the camera pans down the "Dot".

The “Think Tank” hangs in the balance and rocks forward as it's released from its structural bolts.

Slowly hovering above, the "Think Tank" holds motionless, ready to have the new sparks of creativity harnessed. It begins to drop back out of focus and the sinister twist that comes over the "Dot" takes hold and rushes at the camera.

...Sometimes I dont know what I eat...Enjoy


Kevin Boulton

3D modeler and animator

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